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A new poem.

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

I’ve had a video uploading to youtube for 48 hours. I’m not sure if I should keep waiting or not. This is really irritating. For now you can enjoy another poem I wrote for creative writing.


Oh if I could be un-
interrupted by wandering eyes
and shifting feet.

I would stop, accept the pain
of disinterest, except I might
expose your offense and offend.

To be aware, yet share,
my excitement of thought extinguished,
extinguishes your smoldering interest.

GlaDos Update and Moving In

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Well, a little more than a month ago I got married. We spent Christmas with her family in Hyde Park, NY, had a second reception in Kennewick, WA and then moved to Rexburg, ID to start going to school again at BYU-I. All in all it has been very crazy planning the wedding, traveling, and moving. Hopefully now that some things have been fixed a little on the site I can get some better updates for all of you, including a re-cap of the wedding. For now, let me give a view of our apartment.

We applied to move in, thinking that the floor plan would be like this and that the sq. footage would be ~450. Barf!


Measuring the space though, it seems we only have ~335 sq. feet. I didn’t measure two of the closets, but they are extremely tiny and I’m sure don’t add another 100sq. feet. I’m a bit mad about the advertising of that really. However, the layout of the apartment is about 100 times better. The front door enters into the lving room, which is connected to the kitchen. This total space is 172 sq. feet. It works well and is way better than entering into a hallway/kitchen. The bedroom is smaller, only 126 sq. feet, which is big enough for a bed, and . . . that’s pretty much it. There is a small closet in there (which is part of that total 126 ft), and we put a dresser in there too. Finally, we have a 36 sq. foot bathroom, which is big enoug for a sink, toilet, and full size tub/shower combination. It’s pretty alright.

Move in pictures!

Front room, as seen from kitchen.


Bedroom, looking into bathroom. I should add that not single baseboard heater does anything. Oh well. We have blankets.


Here’s the kitchen. I’m looking in from the living room area. It’s pretty alright, way better than that floorplan. I’ve seen some of the apartments with the other floorplan and they all look, messy, no matter how they are organized.


Here are some pictures of my computer and speaker set up. The speakers sound so good, and it is something you really can’t describe.



I really do have build pics of these speakers showing how I got them to where they are. I will post them as soon as I get them. I’ll need to ask my sister to email them to me. For now, enjoy! I’ll get a youtube video up soon, if only my slow internet will get it uploaded!

Stupid Crappy Internet

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

So, the internet here really sucks. I would add a big update to the site, but I’m having lots of issues.

1) I left the camera with most of the pictures from the GlaDos speaker build at home.
2) The pictures I do have seem to not work at all when I try to upload them to wordpress.
3) The internet sucks here and I have to wait forever for anything to upload anywhere.
4) I can’t log into Steam, which means that I can’t progress in any of my achievements in Left 4 Dead. I can’t download my TV either.

Some of those have nothing to do with the site, it just pisses me off. For those few of you that read the site, here’s another poem:

I Ask: From His Lips, How Good Did the Chicken Taste?

The alluring aroma of
Delicious deep-fat fried
Bread battered chicken chunks.

Osmosis of oil, drumsticks to digits.
Porky fingers feed a plump face.
Chew, chew, chew then gulp grease.

Lips smack as you lick the lingering crumbs;
Comets, inescapably crushed in
the black hole. Whole biscuits all at once
vanish in the event horizon; your mouth.

Your Seemingly infinite mass teeters
Toward the buffet, but then . . .
You hit the floor
And will not be revived.

School Begins. Sorry for a lack of updates.

Friday, January 9th, 2009

School has started. I think I will spend today updating the site and getting people up to speed on my life and my projects. The speakers are done for now. I’ll write that update later today. For now, enjoy a poem I wrote for my creative writing class. It’s pretty simple.

Evolution of a Wrapping Paper Tube

I am a pirate. Max is my monkey.
But he is possessed by a voodoo curse.
I pull out my sword. Max, you will be mourned.
I miss. Stupid eyepatch. I remove it
And strike, my sword splitting in the middle;
And I no longer am a pirate.

I am a ninja. Max is a dragon.
He snarls, and spits fire from his scaly snout.
But I am trained in the ways of Kung-Fu,
And my nun-chuck skills are legendary.
I strike. Max bites the end of my nun-chuck
And I no longer am a ninja.

I’m Indiana Jones. Max is a lion.
He roars licks his lips, and leans in to pounce.
Indiana is afraid of nothing.
With my whip I will crack wild beast to tame,
But max claws the popper. It unravels.
Indiana is afraid of snakes.