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My room.

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Chelsea and I moved from Las Vegas to Moscow, ID recently for me to attend school. After nine months of single bedroom upartments, we’ve upgraded to a two bedroom and I currently have a whole room dedicated to my computer and school projects. I made the monitor stand for my 28″ monitor out of a Ikea lack shelf that I ikeahacked. The keyboard fits underneath so I can use the desk for other things. The stand also raises the monitor to the ideal viewing height, which is 1/3 above eye level, 2/3 below. In the future I will probably get another drafting table like the one my computer is on and get rid of the folding table. It’s not level and drives me nuts when cutting mats on it. I want to build a couch at some point and when that happens I’ll move the dresser into a closet somewhere else in the apartment. All in all, though,  I love my room and my desk area.

Before some much needed under-desk cable management.

And after!


The cables, now hidden.


Non-computing work area.


The computer, subwoofer, and our favorite Valve gnome.


The computer, and all five posters for Left 4 Dead framed!