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Some shots of laser cut acrylic I’m working with.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010



Plus some other stuff.





Midnight Riders Video Contest – Go Vote For Me No Matter How Much Trouble It Is

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

The time for submitting videos to the contest is over. The guys at Valve are now trying to pick a winner. There are a lot of methods they are using to try and pick a winner. One is having people vote in a thread in the forums. Please go there and vote for my video. All you have to do, aside from registering, is post something along the lines of this,

“My vote goes to modsandends. His video had the best narrative story. I was moved by it and cried at the end it’s so sad.

Here’s a link to the thread. To vote for me go here and post something like what I quoted above. Please go help me out, even if it takes you an hour (which it won’t).

Just make sure to post in that thread and link to my video:
Also, tell your friends. Get them to register and vote for me!