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Study Abroad – London 2013

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

I studied green architecture in the UK this summer, visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Oxford, London, and eventually Paris (which I know is not in the UK). Here are some of the photos I took. Enjoy.

Wahaca Container Restaurant


University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham 3

University of Nottingham 2

university of nottingham 1

Trafalgar 2

Trafalgar 1

Tower Bridge

The Crystal

Stairs of Arc du Triumph

Someone Tell Me What Mountain This Is

Pont des Arts

People Outside St Pauls

Passfield Hall


Parliament 2


On Calton Hill

Notre Dame

Natural History Museum

Long Metro

London Eye 4

London Eye 3

London Eye 2

London Eye 1

Laban Dance Center

kew panorama 3

Kew Botanical Gardens

Kew 3

Kew 2

John Hope Gateway

Inside Edinburgh Castle

From Eiffel Tower

From Arthurs Seat

Falkirk Wheel

Emerates Air

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower 2

Eiffel 3

Eiffel 2

Eiffel 1


Edinburgh Waverly

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle 2

Edinbugh Streets


Castle Rock

Calton Hill

Calton Hill 2

Buckingham Palace 2

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament


Beats Me What Building This Is

Arc du Triumph