Portal Shirts Review

Here is my review of the Portal shirts available at the Valve Store.

I ordered the shirts and they arrived about two weeks later. The first thing I noticed was that the shirts feel incredibly soft. I looked back on the site and read “100% combed soft jersey cotton.” This is different than the other shirts on the site, which look and feel no different than your typical tee.

The designs on the Weighted Companion Cube Tribute Tee are taken right out of the game. The back reads,

The GLaDOS shirt has a picture of GLaDOS on the front and one of her eyes on the back. The color and feel of the cotton is the same as the first shirt.

I only have one complaint about these shirts. The images are slightly pixelated, as if made from a computer image that was blown up too much. I cannot decide if this is because Valve was lazy in the production of the shirts or if they were printed at the maximum resolution possible, which is just not that detailed.


I love these shirts. Because they are softer and thinner than normal shirts, I always wear an under shirt and I do not wear them for yard-work or other labor that would wear them out. However, they do look nicer than a regular tee, and because of that I can wear them in situations where dress is not formal, but I do not want to look like a slob. They are sleek and have a designer look and feel. They are high quality, which justifies the $25 price vs. the $20 price of other shirts on the site. If they are your taste, I recommend picking them up for yourself at http://store.valvesoftware.com.

And some more pics . . .

A bigger shot of the back of the cube shirt:

And the back of the GlaDos shirt:

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