Pinewood Derby

I hate being that person who never updates their site, but I am. For a quick update to the present, I finished the semester at BYU-I, I went on tour with Vocal Union and Sound Alliance to California, Nevada, and Utah, and I’ve moved to Las Vegas now. I’m looking for a job now, but if I don’t find one, then maybe I will have a lot of time to be productive and make this site what it could and should be.

Flashback to last semester, I was working from 11PM to 5AM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. One week I wanted to participate in a campus wide pinewood derby event. The race was Thursday, and the only tools I had were my Dremel and a coping saw. That said, between Monday and Thursday night I only got 6 hours of sleep total. I was exhausted, but happy and I went to all my classes and work, so not bad at all. In the end I had the slowest car, but won best automotive design, which is all I really wanted anyway. Pics below.


Weighed down with quarters.


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  1. Rosa says:

    Hey I just saw your pic on Google…I am looking for a Valve Gnome. I was wondering where did you get that Gnome? Hoping you have bought it from a website. please email soon

  2. Rosa says:

    oops sorry wrong page.

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