Three Month Weight Loss Challenge: Day 2

Today I did the P90X Plyometrics X workout. It’s an hour long of jumps, squats, jump squats, squat jacks, leapfrog squats, lunges, Mary Katherines, and other stuff.

My back hurts from yesterday’s workout so I took some drugs about 30 min before working out. Right after the workout I mixed up about 80g of protein in 1cup of milk. It was thick and not that great, but not horrible either. Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be my harder days to workout because I’m out of the house from 9AM to 5PM. Tuesdays I have meetings after 5 as well, so it doesn’t help. The good thing is that I never have homework due on Wednesday or Friday, so I can workout as my homework.

I don’t get money from Beachbody for saying this, but P90X really is a great workout. The big motto is “do your best, forget the rest.” Tony Horton is really good about getting you past your mental blocks to keep you motivated through the hour long workouts. They are also designed really well to warm you up (hard) for the first 20 minutes, kill you in the middle 20, and then ease up a little (still really tough) for the last 20 minutes to destroy whatever you have left. Tony is really good about telling you to just show up, just hit the play button and keep coming back every day. You don’t have to perform like a star every day, all you have to do is your best and that is good enough. How could you expect any more than that anyway?

Finally, here is what I ate today.

90 Calorie cereal bar for breakfast.
Tuna sandwich
~15 lowfat pringles
The last slice of Pumpkin Pie (it was crowding the fridge)
A pork chop with apple sauce
Protein shake

2 thoughts on “Three Month Weight Loss Challenge: Day 2

  1. Shaun

    Just FYI, I’ve tried a lot of different protein shakes, and Costco sells a 6lb bag that is my favorite. It’s something like $35 for the bag, and it actually tastes good. Quite good, in fact. I actually look forward to having it. The chocolate is the best, but vanilla is quite good, as well. Also, it has less sugar and cholesterol than most any of the other protein shakes I’ve looked at.

  2. Daniel Post author

    Thanks. I’ll have to do that. I’m running out of the stuff I have now. It’s also grown on my quite a bit. The chocolate and cookies and cream used to be hard to drink, but now I mix them and they’re pretty good. The strawberry has always been the worst. I have to mix it with a lot of different things to make it drinkable.

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