Day 8 Bod Mod Update: I’m fatter!

Alright so it has been one week. I think it is better to post weekly updates instead of daily. Thursday I got a bicycle and it was a very busy day anyway, so P90X just plain didn’t happen. My wife and I went bowling with some friends that night as well and I had buffalo wings, which aren’t bad as long as they aren’t the deep fad fried version (they weren’t). The bad thing was that I ate too many. I felt pretty gross after.

Friday I skipped P90X on account of my new bike and went riding instead. I love the feeling of your muscles getting hotter and hotter as you do a repetitive motion such as cycling. It’s just so good.

I didn’t do a proper workout Saturday either, but I went and played paintball for about five hours, so I don’t feel bad at all.

Sunday is the day of rest, so that’s exactly what I am going to do every Sunday. No work or workout for me. Just worship, meditation, relaxation, and family time.

Now for the results of one week of working out and eating better. I weighed myself again after doing P90X Chest and Back. 207.3! There are a few options for what is happening. One: I ate fish and rice for dinner. It’s low fat, high protein food and I ate quite a bit. Two: While working out I try to drink plenty of water. I easily have a spare half gallon or more in my stomach when I weigh in. Three: I am replacing the fat with muscle. It’s possible, although I don’t really have faith that this is the case. Four: I am gaining muscle and keeping the fat. This is more likely, but unwanted. I would rather lose fat and gain no muscle if I had a choice between three and four. Five: I am just getting fatter. This one is also a possibility, although it is quite unlikely considering that I am doing a lot more activity and eating so much better.

When I weighed in earlier this week to see if I would be allowed to eat a brownie I was at 204, so I’m pretty sure this is just a full stomach sort of thing. It’s still not very encouraging.

One thought on “Day 8 Bod Mod Update: I’m fatter!

  1. Shaun

    It’s worth mentioning that body weight fluctuates more than five pounds day to day, and can even change that much within a given day. A lot of that is water weight, but can also have to do with when you’ve eaten and other factors.

    Make sure you’re weighing yourself at a consistent time of the day. Mornings are usually best, before you’ve had breakfast. That is typically when you are at your lightest, and will be one of the most consistent times.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about going from 204 to 207. It’s most likely water weight, and isn’t anything significant. It does show, though, that you haven’t lost much of anything yet. Typically the first five pounds are supposed to be the easiest to lose, as you’re just dropping the water weight. After that is when it gets hard(er).

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