School Begins. Sorry for a lack of updates.

School has started. I think I will spend today updating the site and getting people up to speed on my life and my projects. The speakers are done for now. I’ll write that update later today. For now, enjoy a poem I wrote for my creative writing class. It’s pretty simple.

Evolution of a Wrapping Paper Tube

I am a pirate. Max is my monkey.
But he is possessed by a voodoo curse.
I pull out my sword. Max, you will be mourned.
I miss. Stupid eyepatch. I remove it
And strike, my sword splitting in the middle;
And I no longer am a pirate.

I am a ninja. Max is a dragon.
He snarls, and spits fire from his scaly snout.
But I am trained in the ways of Kung-Fu,
And my nun-chuck skills are legendary.
I strike. Max bites the end of my nun-chuck
And I no longer am a ninja.

I’m Indiana Jones. Max is a lion.
He roars licks his lips, and leans in to pounce.
Indiana is afraid of nothing.
With my whip I will crack wild beast to tame,
But max claws the popper. It unravels.
Indiana is afraid of snakes.

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