Stupid Crappy Internet

So, the internet here really sucks. I would add a big update to the site, but I’m having lots of issues.

1) I left the camera with most of the pictures from the GlaDos speaker build at home.
2) The pictures I do have seem to not work at all when I try to upload them to wordpress.
3) The internet sucks here and I have to wait forever for anything to upload anywhere.
4) I can’t log into Steam, which means that I can’t progress in any of my achievements in Left 4 Dead. I can’t download my TV either.

Some of those have nothing to do with the site, it just pisses me off. For those few of you that read the site, here’s another poem:

I Ask: From His Lips, How Good Did the Chicken Taste?

The alluring aroma of
Delicious deep-fat fried
Bread battered chicken chunks.

Osmosis of oil, drumsticks to digits.
Porky fingers feed a plump face.
Chew, chew, chew then gulp grease.

Lips smack as you lick the lingering crumbs;
Comets, inescapably crushed in
the black hole. Whole biscuits all at once
vanish in the event horizon; your mouth.

Your Seemingly infinite mass teeters
Toward the buffet, but then . . .
You hit the floor
And will not be revived.

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