First Videos of the GlaDos Speakers and Companion Cube Subwoofer

I uploaded these videos to youtube last week and, like the busy person I am, am only now posting them to the site. I still can’t find the camera I used to take progress pics. I’m sure it is at my parents house somewhere. I’ll find it when I go home again. For now, I just have some videos of the speakers and subwoofer together. I’ll do a video tour of the speakers, sub, and new apartment soon. For now, enjoy the videos.

A triumph.

Outkast. The song is called “Intro” from the album “Speakerboxx”

I’m open to requests. Have any?

2 thoughts on “First Videos of the GlaDos Speakers and Companion Cube Subwoofer

  1. Pepijn

    First of all: Zune <3 I have one too!
    The speakers sound great from what I can hear, no distortion what so ever.
    Requests, just a song I just heard it’s dutch:

    Are you going to make an housing for the speakers? The sub woofer looks great but the speakers self don’t have a housing? Or are you planning to keep them this way?

    Good luck 😉

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