Memorial Day Weekend

Las Vegas presents Chelsea and I with some opportunities we may not have again. A few weeks ago we went and saw Mystere, a Cirque Du Soleil show at the Treasure Island resort and casino. The show was really spectacular. Mind blowing in a lot of ways. I would recommend anyone of any age to see it. I would also recommend Blue Man Group if you are ever in Vegas or anywhere that Blue Man Group plays. The bad thing about living here now is that Chelsea and I are very poor at the moment. I am unemployed, and nobody wants to hire someone who is going to be gone in six weeks when I move again. The good this is, though, there are also some very free (or extremely inexpensive) things to do as well.

Last Saturday Chelsea and I got up and went to MotorCars of Las Vegas. They are the only authorized seller of the Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero, the world’s fastest production automobile. The showroom location is pretty far from the strip, which means that idiot gawkers like me probably don’t show up very often to look at the cars. Chelsea and I showed up and asked if we could look around and take some pictures for my website. I was happy to hear that it was fine and Tom Brazill, general manager gave me his card and asked if we had any questions. I asked if they had an Aero, but he said they all sell before they ever make it to the showroom. As it turns out, Tom is a good friend of Jarod Shelby, owner of SSC. Tom was there when the record was broken and the SSC officially became the world’s fastest production car.

To be honest, I am not a car guy, but because the record was broken in West Richland, WA (my backyard), where SSC is located, and because I love to see people pursuing their dreams and succeeding, the excitement of that record breaking moment burned inside me. I could tell by Tom’s excitement that it was a moment he wouldn’t forget, and one he loved to relive by telling others about it. I was grateful for the opportunity.

After talking to Tom Chelsea and I walked around and she took my picture in front of a Bugatti Veyron, the world’s 2nd fastest production car. It was pretty cool. A sign said not to touch. I debated asking Tom if I couldn’t get inside a few of the cars, but didn’t want to take advantage of his generosity. We were there about fifteen minutes before heading off for the rest of the day’s activities.



Chelsea said she liked the doors on this Lamborghini. She called them, “very ’80’s.”


After looking at cars, Chelsea and I headed off to Lake Mead for a hike.  The previous day’s search at located Lake Mead: Railroad Tunnel Trail. The trail is pretty easy since it was the rail line used to bring supplies for building the Hoover Dam. There are five small tunnels, which are decent checkpoints and distance markers in the hike. They also provide much needed shade from the hundred degree sun. Out and back through the tunnels is five miles, but if you stay on the trail it will take you out to the Hoover Dam, and will be a ~7-7.5 mile hike, which is not bad. Chelsea and I decided to go all the way to the dam.

Chelsea in front of two short tunnels.


Some views from the trail. Don’t notice my fly check.



After you pass through all five tunnels, a sign informs you that you are entering government property, and asks that you stay on the trail. You will eventually see signs telling you that anywhere not on the trail is restricted. Fun. The closer you get to the dam, the more evidence you see of a nearby power station. The trail gives you a free backstage tour.


Copy the image source and open it in a new tab to see this one full size. You could hear the buzz and hum of pure energy flowing through the wires. It was pretty cool.


It wasn’t long before we were there. If you are ever at the Hoover Dam and wonder where these stairs go at the top of the parking garage, don’t follow them. It will be a few miles.


Chels and I on the dam. You can’t really see the dam, so this could have been taken anywhere.


Some more dam pictures.




Those driving over the dam don’t actually get to see what they are driving on. This new bridge should help.


Proof that at least Chelsea made it all the way to the dam.


The hike was totally worth it, and the Hoover Dam was a pretty good reward for the miles under our feet. However, I don’t see how anyone could ever feel this is a place worth driving to and spending money on. Tours are ridiculously expensive, and from what I’m told, you have to pay to drive over the dam and to park. Lame. I’m glad Chelsea and I went, and I wouldn’t have done it any other way than hiking.

So, after a long hike, what do you do? Chelsea and I decided that Lake Mead would be a good place to rest our tired feet. We both went completely under in the lake, and I swam while Chelsea read a book on the beach.


Someone needs a diet, and it’s not the girl.


The day was great, and we still had Monday for fun! By Monday I had decided to drive down to San Diego and get an Aprilia RS50 that I found on craigslist. I purchesed the bike and took it to the shop on Tuesday. It’s still there now. It needed some work. I need to go get it titled and registered in NV, which I think also means me getting a Nevada drivers license, which is nothing more than a proof of residency and an eye test. After that I will have transportation. I have a really great paint job in mind too, but that will have to wait a while. Pictures of the bike to come soon.

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