I was just a one of my favorite websites when I saw that the PowerPak on sale for $125 instead of its regular $135. I got one of these little devices a year ago and I love. In essense it is just an NES cartrige, except for one little thing, instead of having a single game on it, it can have as many as you like. All you have to do is put your legally backed up NES games on a compact flash card, put that card in the PowerPak, and stick it in your NES. Retro gaming couldn’t be more perfect. Other sites have gone into more depth on the device, so I won’t here, but I will say this. I waited for two years, checking the site about once every week or so, until one became available and I snatched it up as quick as I could. Don’t wait to get one. It’s worth it.



There is one other reason why I bring this up now. I recently purchased three NES clone systems, and soon I will be building three different portable NES systems from the clones. I can’t wait to get back to my tools and modding supplies.

Forthcoming/Current projects:

  • GlaDos speakers
  • Portable NES laptop
  • Portable NES in an NES controller – idea
  • NES in an old Gameboy
  • Steampunk gaming headset
  • Couch of Boom! (Couch with three 8″ subs, two bass shakers, and one transducer built in)

The couch will cost about $750 to build, so I will have to save for that one. The NES mods should be less than $100 for all the combined. The GlaDos speakers just need a little TLC and time to be complete (they sound great by the way. I love listening to music with them and encourage anyone to copy or adapt my build). The steampunk headphones will cost about $250, and will feature a built in tube amp.

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  1. Daniel Post author

    Thanks. I’ll be living close to my parents place soon, so I’ll be able to finish the GlaDos speakers and do those other projects as well. I got some 6″ PVC to do an Aperture Science case from work. I’ll have a whole set up soon.

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