Saying goodbye to Las Vegas

Sometimes we are sad when we reach the end of something. I went on tour with Vocal Union this past spring and I really didn’t want it to end. I love to sing and I loved the people I was with. Las Vegas is a different story. Vegas is all about things Chelsea and I don’t do; drinking, smoking, gambling, having sex with any willing participant that meets some minimum standard . . . It’s just not for us. To say goodbye, let’s just have one last look at the apartment. The AC didn’t work so good. You had to keep it on 24/7 to keep the apartment at a bearable 80 degrees. The doorknob was often to hot to touch. We opened it by turning the key. We also had a cockraoches, no matter how clean we kept the apartment. All that said, we did our best to call it home.

Our bedroom.


With walk in closet


The bathroom.


The kitchen



The living room.


We got this couch in Vegas at a swap meet, or “the Mexican Mall” as all the Mexican guys at work called it. It cost $50. I wanted to haggle. Chelsea said the lady needed the money to buy new teeth.


Goodbye 1476 Living Desert Drive #89. You were perfectly adequete for the rent we paid, but we will not miss you.


One thought on “Saying goodbye to Las Vegas

  1. Jangofatt

    Sorry to see you leave. Moved to Vegas back in ’90 and have lived here my whole adult life. I found adjusting to this city’s unique lifestyle to be difficult. When I head back “home” to visit family in the Midwest, I find that their day to day world to be so slow and mediocre now. Vegas isn’t for everyone and trying to blog about the “Vegas gaming scene” has proven to be overwhelming. I hope you guys have settled in to your new home. Keep up the good work.

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