Turning 23.

Ah, what a nice birthday. I’ve spent most of my day doing homework, but I’m okay with that because it’s been a very productive day. I feel bad for Chelsea. She worked all day and then dropped me off for my late class and then picked me up when it was over. We had a ‘get to know you’ appointment with the bishop. He asked us who we knew from our last ward. We had been in there for almost three months, but we didn’t know a single person. I think he could tell that we’ve gotten used to not feeling like we belong. We’ve moved so much since getting married that it’s hard to feel any lasting connection to anything. After our interview we went to Wingers and got dinner. And since it is my birthday, the dessert was free. Well, we had to endure ten seconds of them clapping and shouting at me, but I think that quantifies to being less than the $6 dessert. I got some really great presents too. Chelsea got me Make Magazine: the 4th Year, a Landon Pigg CD, an Ender’s Game comic, the Thabto Mugg (its handle is brass knuckles), and a Nintendo 64 to replace my broken one. My parents got me money, which is always appreciated. My older brother David preordered Left 4 Dead 2 for me. That was the most surprising gift. I’m pretty pumped for that. If I had one wish for my birthday it would have been for Chelsea and I to not be sick anymore and to have had the day off to spend with her. This weekend I am going to do something extra special for her. She deserves it.


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