Framing Your Left 4 Dead Posters

Decorate your office for:

Left 4 Dead Posters – $15 for four

22 x 28 inch Poster Frames – $10 each at Michaels

Crescent matboard 32 x 40″ Photo Gray – $6.79 each (you’ll need four)

Total cost – $82.16 + S&H

I use a Dexter Mat Cutter to cut my mats and I love it. After just a little practice you get superb mats at a fraction of the cost.

The posters come with simulated wear and tear. After cutting the matboard to size I decided to extend that wear onto the mats with some small sculpting chisels. The result is a completely custom look that fits the prints perfectly.


The final result looks like this. Nice!








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