Sorting Legos

I’ve been cleaning up a lot of my old stuff lately, trying to consolidate and shrink down all my old stuff.

In order to do this I’ve been going through my Legos. I have a lot and when I moved out and packed them up I didn’t want them to get messed around with. Of course, that’s exactly what happened. So today I sorted through two unsorted bins of Legos to get everything back in order. The weird thing is, the entire time I was sorting all I felt was the desire that my little brother had gotten into all the Legos a lot more. They’re meant to be played with and enjoyed and I’m sure he would have had a lot more fun with them if he hadn’t worried about me getting upset.

On a similar note, in my attempt to consolidate and get rid of things that I don’t use I found a bunch of stuff I raided from my older brother when he moved out. I hope he understands. I’ll try to get it back to him this month.

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